Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mabon Ideas

ART: Cernunnos

I've finally figured out which Sabbat I'm going to write a ritual for (as a part of my 1st Degree Initiation work).
I'm doing Mabon, the Autumn Equinox.  And I'll be invoking Cernunnos for sure to play a role in the ritual.
Basically, Mabon is a time of balance, as the balance between night and day are met.  After Mabon, the nights begin to lengthen.  This is also the 2nd harvest and a perfect time to give thanks for what you have accomplished in the year thus far.  The stag is prominent at this time, as this is when hunting generally begins. 

So for my ritual, I'm thinking of using one of the antlers I have (linked to the Stag) and it will be passed around.  Each person will say a thing they are grateful for this past year and something they plan to "hunt" for the autumn time.  Maybe tie something to the antler (ribbon? white for gratitude and red for the hunt?).  The High Priest, who will embody Cernunnos, could hold the antler to each member as they state their gratitude and hunt and tie on their ribbons.  I'm still kicking around that idea.  Or, the ribbons could already be tied to the antler and the High Priest brings it around to each member and they untie a ribbon and take it home to be place on their own altar?  And we could do cord magick with the ribbons to bind in the blessings and energy for the hunt.  Maybe even use two antlers, one with white ribbons and one with red ribbons.  I dunno yet.  I've just got the initial plan.  It still needs a LOT of work.  *chuckles*

Feeling a bit melancholy today.  It started last night and I'm not sure what the issue is.  I'm restless and moody, just sad for no reason.  I've been taking my meds like I'm supposed to, so I'm not sure what the cause is.  *shrugs*  Hopefully it will pass soon.

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