Monday, February 19, 2018

Makes My Blood Boil

I have so much anger inside of me right now.  Guess I got over my emotional overload, because now that shit is just pissing me the fuck off.

Dusty (a very dear friend, whom I adore) posted a lil meme – it has a picture of a trail through the woods saying “This is an antidepressant”.  And then it has a photo of prescription drugs saying “This is a lifelong addiction”.  That is fucking dangerous bullshit, and I called him out on it. 

I wrote:  That is complete bullshit. You wouldn't say the same thing to an asthmatic, or a diabetic, or a cancer patient.  I just get really tired of people confusing "being down" and being depressed as the same thing. Sure, a trip out in the country will lift one's spirits if you are feeling does not cure clinical depression.

And I do get so very fucking tired of people just using “depressed” as an adjective about any time they were a little sad.  I want to shake them and ask, “Oh, you were “depressed”?  How many days was it until you had the energy to shower?  How many times did you fantasize about killing yourself or harming yourself because it was that bad…but you didn’t have the energy to DO IT?”  Because, being sad for a few days because your significant other broke up with isn’t the same as being depressed.  People just toss it around like it’s NOTHING.  And I’m over here, fighting to keep my head above the water, drowning in depression.

And do we even need to talk about how this meme continues to reinforce the stigma around mental illnesses and the medications REQUIRED to deal with them.  And I’m fucking sick of it.  Again, if we were talking about a cancer patient, I highly doubt anyone would be telling them the medication is a “lifelong addiction” and that they just go for a goddamn bike ride in the woods to cure themselves.  I hate the goddamn double standard when it comes to psychiatric disorders and the proper treatment for them. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dtiz for the Win

Well, I kind of made a ditz of myself to my Digital Citizenship class.  ::sighs::  I couldn’t readily find where to upload my paper.  So I emailed her in a panic, asking where to submit it.  About 15 minutes later I figured out that if I clicked through the various parts of the module for this week, at the very end, it gives me the ability to submit my paper.  ::grumbles::  So I emailed the professor back and apologized.  Lordy.  I swear Grad School is EATING my sanity.  And I don’t have a whole lot of it to begin with.

So while I was doing all of that, David was doing our taxes.  And fingers crossed….it looks like we are getting an AMAZING tax return this year.  Granted, I’m not counting it as for sure money until it’s actually IN my account, but holy crap.  It would pay off my medical bills, my car repairs, and then I would have a decent chunk left over.  Please, all that is holy, let it be true!

I am still trudging through The Kingdom of Little Wounds, by Susann Cokal.  I can’t say it’s getting BETTER…but at least it isn’t getting any worse.  ::shakes her head::  But now I kind of want to know how it ends.  It will certainly help my review of it later.  Which I need to get to cracking on that.  Oye.  I’m ready for Spring Break!!!!

Screaming Gun Nuts

written: February 17th

Yeah, I’m still in emotional overload.  Lots of shit on Facebook is getting “hidden”.  And the Screaming Gun Nuts ™ are getting blocked, regardless of the probability of me ever interacting with them again.  And of course, everyone and their damn dog is tagging me on their various Gun “Debates” of all flavors.  Yeah, count me the fuck out of that.  Granted, it’s nice that these individuals (the ones that tag me on these posts) sincerely want my opinion, because it’s an unusual one – I’m pro-gun, but WITH restrictions.  I’m a born and raised and mostly proud Texan.  I grew up in a very small town, in a very country family and thus, I grew up around guns.  But I grew up with all the gun SAFETY drilled into my head since before I could even form words.  I love shooting guns.  I love shooting high caliber guns even…semi-automatic even.  But I don’t believe a civilian has any business owning a .50 cal.  I am pro-gun…within reason.  But the Screaming Gun Nuts ™ make it sound like any sort of gun restriction is the removal of one of their beloved testicles and you would assume from the screaming and flailing and behaving like a 5-year-old, that it's being removed with a rusty knife.

Honestly, I think this is the perfect time to start distancing myself from Facebook.  I squander wayyyyyyyy too many hours there.  Hours, that honestly, should be focused on all the classwork I need to get done.  And how many times have I said this before?  Hell, I swear I have an addiction to social media.  ::shakes her head::  Beyond that…I have an addiction to the Internet.