Saturday, July 22, 2017

Thankful Thursday #29

written: July 20th

Photo for today:

alt text

Feathers I picked up during my walk with Josey today. Blue jay in the center and doves on the sides.

I am thankful….
1. For apparently being super attractive today. ::shrugs:: I had THREE men flirt with me today. I have no idea what’s up with that, as I’m grungy as hell from working in the warehouse, but hey, it made my day. ::chuckles::
2. Daily walks with Josey. Even when my neighbors (as I call everyone who lives in my neighborhood) bug the ever-loving shit out of me, I still do like the walks we take AND that Josey is getting better and better about them.
3. The amazing information I can find on the internet – especially in regards to plants that turn out to be TOXIC, so I know NOT to use them. ::chuckles:: Damn oleander plant – a neighbor cut this GORGEOUS branches that would be perfect for wands….if only oleander wasn’t SUPER toxic.
4. Choosing to give myself this week off from using the elliptical. It’s my MoonTime and I’m usually in a lot of pain the first two days and then just super tired for the rest of the week. So this time around, elected to just go with what I was feeling at the time instead of trying to soldier through it.
5. Sloth Boy’s last day at the Tech Job was Monday. I really do wish him all the best with his new job.
6. Watching a dove family teach its fledglings how to fly in our mulberry tree. Josey sits in complete rapture watching them blunder around and I watch as well, to ensure should one of the fledglings fall into our yard, that Josey does not eat it. ::chuckles::
7. All the dragonflies in the neighborhood. They are quite inquisitive and seem to really enjoy zipping right past my nose when I walk through their areas.
8. My new Louisiana pen pal is really on top of her game. I swear she writes me back the day she receives my letter. ::chuckles:: Which encourages me to do the same.
9. Enjoying these three-day weekends while they last. Come August, I’ll be back to a standard 5-day work week.
10. Jimmy Johns for dinner while watching Blue Bloods: Season Seven.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bears, Moons, and WTF

written:  July 19th

Photo for today:

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I get these flyers every so often and they help rekindle my dream of seeing the polar bears in the wild. One of these days. Hopefully for my 40th birthday, if not sooner (hopefully sooner, but by my 40th if all else fails). I should hang this up in my room…somewhere I would see it every day. Maybe I could even make some sigil magick to aid in achieving this dream. Would be a good bit of magick in time for the New Moon. Might even try out the “abundance checks” Derrie (an online witch friend) has talked about in the past. I figure, why not? What could it hurt?

A neighbor a few houses over did some yard work and had a lot of tree trimmings out by the curb. They are from an oleander plant and I was so tempted to grab some of those branches. They are beautifully straight and of a wide array of thicknesses. Thank goodness I did some research on the magickal properties of the oleander…I found out that they are incredibly toxic/poisonous. So yeah, guess those branches, no matter how pretty and straight they were, are just going to be picked up by trash collection tomorrow. ::sighs::

The more I work for the school district, the less impressed I am with it. We’re ALL familiar with how they flat out refuse to fire anyone for anything less than a law suit or a felony charge. But it apparently goes even beyond refusing to fire shitty employees. Apparently, the school district will also go out of its way to hire them back.

Thankfully we are talking about my newest coworker at the Summer Tech Job and not one of the absolutely SHITTY employees I’ve had in the past at the After School Program. So Cameron started working today with me, on a super fun project of going through all the iPad chargers and cleaning, sorting, and counting them. Super exciting. I had gone back to the little warehouse (I work in the Big Warehouse) that’s just down the hall from us to get some more boxes. Michelle (she runs the high school kids’ Tech Internship Program) stopped me in the hall to ask how Cameron was doing. I told her he was doing well (shit, he’s a ton faster at processing stuff than Sloth Boy was….though I have to repeat myself a LOT with Cameron). She said that was good. Because apparently when he worked with her last year in the high school internship, he liked to bitch and moan and complain and whine all the damn time. So she told me if he started doing that, I should just ignore him.

What the fuck? We KNEW this guy was a shitty employee during the Internship, which he phased out of when he graduated high school…but we fucking HIRED HIM BACK this summer? Why the fuck would you hire BACK a shitty employee? I am beyond flabbergasted right now.

Makes me so thankful that I am not getting my school librarian degree so that I can say PEACE THE FUCK OUT once I get a non-school district job. But, on the flip side of it? If I DID become a school librarian for this school district, I know I wouldn’t be fired for a damn thing short of burning down a school or two…. Maybe three school, knowing my school district.

All Sorts of Babblings

written: July 18th

Photo for the day:

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Apparently, this is The Place ™ for cicada molting. ::laughs:: I just happened to notice this as Josey and I walked by (Day #24 in a row now – woohoo for us!). We typically pause around this house for Josey to get a drink. I bought these collapsible dog bowls for our walks. Even though we’re walking at 7 pm or later, it’s still up in the high-90s and Josey gets so pink from the heat, I really worry about possible heatstroke. And I have ZERO desire to have to carry this 50 pound dog home should that happen. So I bought a 2-pack of these bowls for around $6 and I carry a bottle of water with us. I swear, I just need to get a small knapsack to carry all the crap we require for our 25 to 30 minute walks. ::laughs::

I am waffling on releasing my current wand. I know, I know. I smudged and cleansed and officially released the wand from my service. But now, when I touch it or look at it, I get this “hopeful” feeling. Maybe the wand just needed a reset? So I’ll try using her in the next few rituals and go from there. I do adore this wand – she’s truly gorgeous. Maybe she just required a little extra attention and TLC.

I need to contact Jennifer K. about the possibility for her making ritual robes for Hazel and I. I would love to have them made and in our hands by December 1st. I’m not sure why that date is so important, but it really sticks out to me. so I’m just going with it. We’d have to coordinate a time for Hazel and I to go to Jennifer’s house so Jennifer could properly measure us and tell us how much fabric we need to buy. I could then run the fabric over to Jennifer at a later date and also pick up the finished robes as well. So yeah, quite a bit of moving parts that I need to get MOVING. Hopefully I can do that soon!

Shit, I just need to sit down and write down all the things I want to accomplish. And then I can start assigning time lines and steps towards those goals. I am TERRIFIC at making goals….actually accomplishing them, though? Yeah, I tend to drop the ball more than make the goal. ::chuckles::

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fingers & Canes

written: July 17th

Photo for the day:

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The story behind this photo of my finger. ::laughs:: My husband sent me a photo of his toe and text the following “Toe pic. It’s a nonthreatening way to say I like u.” ::dies laughing:: So I sent him a photo of my finger to say “I like you too”. This is my husband’s “new trend against the dick pic”. ::chuckles and shakes her head:: I don’t claim to understand the things my husband comes up with, but they sure are hilarious and unique.

Today was Sloth Boy’s last day at the Summer Tech Job. We spent the last hour or so just bullshitting and swapping After School Program stories (he works the same program I do, just at a different campus). It was nice because it reminded me again that, even though he’s slow as a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, at his core, he’s a genuinely nice guy. And it’s really easy for me to lose sight of that when I’m so focused on being pissed at how little work he does at the Tech Job. So I do genuinely wish him the absolute best with the new job. I genuinely hope it works out the way he wants it to work out.

I came home and had a big ole glass of wine. ::chuckles:: I even got a bit tipsy off of it. Luckily, Josey was content to let me nap for an hour before demanding we go for her walk. I almost didn’t go, but I’m glad I did. I honestly feel better after these little walks, no matter how hot it is, or how ADD Josey is being on the walk. Twenty-three days in a row now, we have not missed a walk. Some have been shorter due to heat or loose dogs, but we’ve gone out on at least a 15 minute walk for the past twenty-three days and most days we’re out there for a good 30 minute walk.

The walks, honestly, would go SO MUCH BETTER if people would just stay in their damn houses. ::laughs:: If they were just shut-ins and Josey and I didn’t have to deal with them, the walks would so oh-so-blissful. And yes, I know that isn’t too realistic…so how about they just keep their GODDAMN DOGS ON A FUCKING LEASH????? Huh? How about at least doing THAT??? ::grumbles:: I have no idea what it is about this area, but NO ONE keeps their “cute little pooches” on a fucking leash. People are going to get seriously upset if I ever get around to buying a damn stun cane. I’m going to shocking dogs left and right that come up to us off leash and/or without an owner. I am so tired of it. Maybe I should use the stun cane on the dog and THEN on the owner as well? ::devilish grin::


written: July 16th

Photo for the day:

alt text

This is the “Goddess Flow Oil” by Sage Goddess. I’m getting more into using oils instead of over the counter medications. So this oil is supposed to help with the emotional and physical symptoms that come with the monthly cycle. Even if it does nothing to ease the cramps and what not, it smells AMAZING. Warm cinnamon with the earthy herbs of clary sage, palmarosa, and neroli.

Poor Josey is a sick puppy today. All about the liquid poo-s. And she’s grumpy as hell. Which I understand, but we cannot tolerate her snapping and growling. We’re giving her a bit more time before taking her to the ER clinic. Hopefully, it will run its course and she’ll be back to her normal grumpy self once again. ::chuckles::

I have started reading “Devoted To You: Honoring Deity in Wiccan Practice” by Judy Harrow today. I was enjoying the first chapter, written by a devotee of Anubis…up until the guy said Sekhmet was nothing more than a persona of Hathor. Um, that doesn’t fly. I’ve been a devotee of Sekhmet going on 21 years now…She is not a merely “persona”. And from what I’ve read in my various years of study, Sekhmet is an ancient deity…She is one of ones who came before the gods. Depending on the myth, some say that Ra CREATED Sekhmet when he cast his right eye down to earth to destroy the humans that had forgotten to worship him….other myths say Ra called Sekhmet to come destroy the humans (meaning, she was already formed and doing her own thing until he called upon her). I prefer the latter telling of the myth…as does Sekhmet.

So I’ve stepped away from the book for a moment until I could process why it irked me so much that the author (who really does not matter to me or my practice, to be honest) would say that. I’m taking this as a not-so-gentle reminder that other people’s opinions and interactions with the gods do not matter to my own practice. I shouldn’t let other’s opinions cloud my own inner Path, my Journey, nor my way of interacting with Spirit (no matter what form it may take). So the devotee to Anubis is more than welcome to believe that Sekhmet is merely a persona of Hathor. That is fine, as Sekhmet does not play an important role (if any role) in his own Path. But for me and my Path? The White Lioness of the Desert, the One Before Whom Evil Trembles, the Scarlet Lady….she is self-contained and tolerates no shackles (be they of the mind nor the soul).

Work It

written: July 15th

Photo for the day:

alt text

A very hot and sweaty Wolfie. I had just taken Josey for a walk (man, it’s still in the high 90s at 7 pm) and decided since I was already super sweaty, I might as well hop on the elliptical. I only banged out 15 minutes because Josey had a bathroom accident (a TON of poop) and David was madder than a wet hen! And lemme tell you, NOTHING is madder than a wet hen! And all his anger and cussing and just being so pissed off…man, that guy can throw energy like you wouldn’t believe. I was able to shield myself from most of his energy cast off, but holy hell. His anger just rolls off of him in big black-red waves. So anyone who’s even remotely sensitive to energy or is an empath, his anger will just steam roll you. ::shakes her head:: So yeah, the 15 minutes on the elliptical was brutal because I was expending so much energy shielding myself from his waves that it ate up so much of the energy I require to actually RUN for 20 minutes.

I need to take my husband to some meditation classes or something to show him how to Zen the fuck out and control his energy a bit better. And no, I’m not in any danger here. He’s not physical and he’s verbal only to himself. Besides, he isn’t the type of person to lay hands on another…and even if he was…he knew I would make him disappear if he ever dared to lay a hand upon me. ::laughs:: Having 100 acres out in the MIDDLE of the boonies, full of feral hogs (hogs eat EVERYTHING…except teeth)? Yeah, he is right to be concerned about “disappearing” should he royally fuck up. ::feral grin::

I really wish we had the space for a decent pool. I would love to have one to relax in with these crazy hot days. I haven’t heard a peep from the Robinsons, so I will probably not be house-sitting for them this summer. Bummer, as I love using their pool. ::chuckles:: I just got really spoiled with that. Maybe once I have finished grad school, gotten a “big people’s job” (as I call it), and have paid off the bulk of my debt, I can realistically look into getting a gym membership that includes pool time. One of these days….

While we are on that subject, Krav Maga is off the table for now. ::sighs:: It never fails…when I have the FREE TIME, I do not have the FREE MONEY. But when I have the MONEY…I do not have the FREE TIME. ::grumbles:: Maybe once the school year starts up, I can see about doing Krav Maga once a week?

Brandy (my Canadian Twin) mentioned an herbal supplement called “Calm Now” for anxiety. She says it isn’t a “wonder drug” but it does aid in taking the edge off of anxiety. So I’ve ordered a bottle of that and will give that a go once it arrives. Dude, anxiety SUCKS ASS. So much.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Full Thunder Buck Moon

written: July 14th

I swear I should just toss out the calendar when it comes to my rituals. ::laughs:: So yeah, I finally got around to doing my solo Full Moon ritual today. ::chuckles:: Just, what? FIVE days late? ::shakes her head:: I swear, “Better late than never” will be on my tombstone.

alt text

So blessed Full Buck/Thunder Moon. Full Thunder Buck Moon? I like that.

Left to right on the altar:
Horse hide drum (created and painted by Brandy)
Drum beater (I still need to finish the last touches on it)
Athame (black-handled ritual blade)
Antlers (gift from my brother)
Sacred Feather
White 7-day candle
“Faith” card from the Dreams of Gaia signed by Ravynn Phelam (it was included in an order)
Black glass jar (to contain the burning bay leaves I use in ritual)
White selenite sphere
2 slices of deer antler
Triple Moon scented oil from Sage Goddess
Slytherin pen (that doubles as a wand as well)
Antique Sandalwood incense (from Oakheart Creations)

I wrote down my goals on bay leaves and set those on fire. I also drummed to awaken the Railroad Spikes and set all of that in motion. And I cleansed the big wand and released her from my service. She’s made it very clear our time together is over. So I’m donating her to a friend who runs a store for her coven. The money will fund any of the big projects the coven is doing, so I feel good about that. Now I’m just going to start saving so I can purchase one of the wands by Shamanic Wands – Simon. I hope to commission one of his beautiful wands.

Post ritual selfie:
alt text

Post ritual altar:
alt text