Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Better Today

Photo for today:


I know it doesn’t look like much, but this shit is legit once cooked. This is my “spicy” cheesy hash brown casserole. I almost forgot to cook it today. ::laughs:: This way, I will just have to heat it up tomorrow at lunch time for our family’s Turkey Day meal.

My mood as of late has greatly improved. Thank the heavens for that. I am also putting my best foot forward in the Cauldron group. I’m giving voice to my take on various topics they bring up. I don’t do the video chats that they do. I’m not comfortable with that at all, even though it is a private group.

I completed the last of the readings for this week and posted my discussion topic. I actually enjoyed the readings – about blogs and Facebook as a personal history account of current population. I honestly could delve much deeper into those topics. Next week we pick our own topic to discuss, so I may look into some of the other papers quoted in those two articles and write about that. After that assignment, all that is left is the Final. That will be similar to the Midterm, in that we receive a handful of essay questions and will chose a certain number to answer. Like the Midterm, we’re given a week to complete and turn those essay answers in. And seeing as how I would like to raise my grade above just a 90, I will need to really put some good work into these essays. That’s where I can beef up the grade, if I just put the extra work into it and really pull out all the stops. Burn out is hitting me so damn hard, but I’ve just got to grit my teeth and get through this. Then I get like a month off of school before starting the Spring Semester.


written:  November 21st

Photo for today:


Here we have the elusive Pit Bull Napping Nest. ::chuckles:: Josey created the cutest little napping nest. She’s not overly thrilled that I dared disturb her nap to snap a photo.

Man, we took the most awesome nap once David left to go to work. Josey was a bit confused when I got into David’s bed, but once she realized I was settling in for a nap, she was all about it. We slept until 11:30 am. And I swear, that nap? It turned my day 100% around. Hell, my depression that was so suffocating yesterday (and for the past couple of weeks, if I’m being honest)? Gone. Like completely gone.

I got two articles read for class. And I went ahead and took a bath using Soaptheory “Sea Mineral: Serum Bath Fizzy”. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, but man, I loved this one. It even had silver glitter, which is usually a huge no-go for me, but it was awesome. ::chuckles:: I definitely plan to pick up a few more, but given that they’re $6 a pop? Yeah, those will be reserved for “emergencies”. I definitely want to test out their other ones as well.

I’ve decided that there is a purpose to the hokey Cauldron group. Instead of quitting it, I think instead that I will rise to the challenge and use it as a point of self-reflection. Instead of just getting huffy over their “bullshit” that offends my “good sensibility”. ::cackles:: Instead, I will use it as a point of reference to solidify what I DO exactly believe. And why their bullshit irks me so damn much.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Zero Mood

I am no mood to suffer fools…and the Pagan world just abounds with them.  I cannot understand why people (Pagan or otherwise) will turn their backs on Scientific Truth and embrace some fanciful lie instead.  I swear, these are the ones that I loathe almost as much as the truly Fanatical ones who believe nothing but lies.

What has me currently irked is the topic of the Cottingley Fairies photos – which the girls involved eventually explained it was all a hoax.  But one witch in the silly Cauldron group says that the last photo they look was actually real.  Even though the girls admitted that the fairies in their photos were paper dolls.  But oh no, I’m the terrible witch for discounting the fact that fairies are real.  Bitch, I know they are real, and they aren’t those fluffy lil creatures in Peter Pan, all glitter farts and sparkles.  Real fae have teeth and claws and are snarky lil shits.  ::chuckles:: 

And then this same witch goes on to post photos SHE’S taken of “fairies”.  Yeah, I hate to break it to you but they are grasshoppers in flight.  But I’m being a nice witch and keeping my mouth shut on this one.  She already said that she doesn’t care if people want to say the Cottingley Fairies photos are hoaxes.  She knows in her heart they are real and she knows that fairies are real.  And that’s all that matters.

::shakes her head::  Sometimes, I kind of wish I had never started down the Left-Handed Path.  I wish I had never sought any FORM of enlightenment.  Or maybe, I just wish all these damn sheep would wake the fuck up.  I understand how much fun it is to cling to your make believe.  It’s far more comforting to stick to your secure little campfire.

But me, I’m out here, dancing in the darkness, reveling in the Sight it brings.  I’m shedding the shit I’ve outgrown, like a serpent down on my belly.  But once I’m out of this constricting bullshit, damn bitch.  Watch me soar on my Draconic Wings. 

New Moon Ritual

Photo for today:


I finally did my New Moon Ritual.


And as much as I want to say how awesome and powerful and awe-inspiring it was….all of that would be a damn lie.

Depression is crushing me right now. And it’s honestly creating a huge disconnect between me and the entire rest of the world. Almost depersonalization level.

But I’ve done a bit of retail therapy. I hit Bed, Bath, & Beyond and I snagged two bath bombs. I plan to use one of those tomorrow. Do a facial mask. Light some scented candles. Maybe some incense as well. And do some reading for class. I’ll take a nap. Or I’ll take Josey for another long walk.

Onwards. Forever onwards.

Gemstone Show

written:  November 19th

Hazel and I got up and headed over to Gem & Mineral Show today. It was so cool and I am so glad we went.

I think I’m just going to let the photos speak for themselves.

Pyrite sand dollar:


Like holy shit! Look at how gorgeous this is. I definitely want to get one in the future. I think it would be BEAUTIFUL to set Sekhmet’s statue on it. It looks like a sun disk.

Next up:


Ribbon jasper carved pendant – it’s hard to tell from the photo but this is a Werewolf. Like how freaking cool?

Mosasaur teeth:


I really meant to go back and pick up a few of these, but I got distracted. ::chuckles::



Like holy shit! Luckily for me they didn’t have any Cave Lion or American Lion fossils. That would have been so dangerous to my bank account. ::chuckles::

Now, on to the stuff that I did purchase:

Larvikite beads:


These are just gorgeous. They have this iridescent sheen to them.

Sometimes milky white (like Moonstone).


And sometimes blue (like Labradorite).


Then, there is this pendant I picked up by the same guy selling the Werewolf pendant. He called it an angel….but angels don’t like tits like that. This is a Harpy. And holy hell, are my Harpies twittering about this pendant and the Larvikite beads. I will apparently be making them a necklace in the near future.


And from the lady that I purchased the Larvikite beads, I picked up this snake totem stone. Every time I walked past this lady’s table, my eyes would land on this one stone in a basket of stones. Once I knew I was getting the Harpy Pendant, I knew I needed some beads. And once I knew I would be getting the Larvikite beads, that snake stone was coming with me as well. ::chuckles::


So yeah, for next year, I plan to start saving a little bit of money from each paycheck. The stones there were top quality and dirt fucking cheap. And I need to remember to bring CASH. One guy there are DIRT FUCKING CHEAP, top notch stones, but he only took cash. So I need cash next time around.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sharing Joy

written:  November 18th

Photo for today:


Awesome postcard I received today from BlurredBeauty, a fellow blogger and recent good friend. I had the privilege of sending her some samples from my scented oil collection and she’s been kind enough to send a few cards my way. ::smiles:: It makes me happy to share the things that make me happy and in turn, to see how they make others happy as well.

Righting the Wrongs

written: November 17th

Photo for today:


I have an AWESOME student, Alex M., who loves drawing Leviathan (my pet snake) in a wide array of get-ups. I love coming up with new ones for her to draw. I plan to put these into one of my art journals for safe keeping. ::smiles:: So enjoy a portrait of Leviathan, as a Leprechaun.

I’ve been doing a daily tarot reading for myself for the past few days. It’s taken a while to figure out the spread I work best with, but I do believe I’ve found it. It’s the Breathe Deeply Spread by


I’m using the Gilded Tarot, which is unusual, as the Tarot is the brutal truth – while Oracle cards are so much NICER. ::laughs:: And the fact that I’m willingly taking the brutal truth avenue? Rare for me. ::laughs:: I like GIVING the brutal truth, but not so big on RECEIVING the brutal truth. Today’s reading just really sunk home the fact that the shit that went down yesterday at the meeting is beyond NOT ok and that something HAS to be said. And sadly, I do not feel comfortable, especially after that shit storm of a “diversity” meeting, to have a sit-down discussion with my bosses about it. the only way I would do that is if I had legal counsel present, and I don’t want to go that route unless absolutely necessary. So as much as it makes me incredibly nervous and more than a little afraid, I lodged my complaint with HR. They’ve even emailed me back saying someone will be in touch to schedule a “hearing” on the whole thing. Granted, this is the Friday before we get out for a week for Thanksgiving. But I expect I’ll hear something once we get back to work. I hope I’m working myself up over nothing and that the hearing goes very well and it is a HIGHLY productive meeting and I don’t end up losing my job if I do end up being outed as a Pagan.

I know, I can’t technically lose my job due to religion, but let me tell you. There is a LOT of shady shit they can do in the meantime to either make me want to quit or to give them some other (legal) reason to fire me.