Saturday, July 14, 2018

Witch Journal

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My journal entry about my Oracle draw I shared yesterday. This is part of my Path’s re-orientation – I’m making it a point to keep up with my Witch’s Journal. I’ve ordered a sticker of the artwork “In The Darkness Wolf” to put on the front of my journal as an incentive to continue writing. And I’ve promised myself the Medusa journal once I’ve filled this journal up.


written: July 13

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My Tarot pull for today. Man, I LOVE my Jade Oracle deck. Seriously, that deck was an impulse purchase, as I had just jumped in to support the The Last Unicorn Tarot. But man, I am SO glad I bought this deck as well. I friggin’ love it. I liken this deck to scrying. It’s cloudy in the beginning, but as soon as it snaps into focus, it is crystal clear.

I met up with Hazel at one of the local coffee shops. I got a REALLY tasty chai latte, but their prices are a bit higher than Starbucks. So I don’t think this will become my new go-to place. But it would be fun to go to a few times a month with Hazel to do our Tarot & Tea dates. ::smiles:: I’m hoping to make this a standard thing, at least for the New and Full moons, since we won’t be doing rituals anymore, with her being a Hindu. Which is fine. I realize now that I was relying too much on her for ritual anyways. I need to resume my OWN practice and stop playing in the shallow end.

I think that’s why Nicnevin (Scottish Witch Queen Fae/Goddess) has popped back up. She isn’t one to play in the shallows, or suffer fools who do. So I’m having to re-orientate myself back on my Path. Better I re-orientate before I GET re-orientated. Man, I’ve learned that one swiftly. Gets a little old getting knocked upside the head by a Deity because I’m being a knuckle head. ::chuckles::

Migraine Ramblings

written: July 12

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Finally a selfie.
Don’t hate. This was taken 14-hours into a migraine. I wasn’t feeling overly photogenic, but it turned out quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

I know it’s Thursday and I’m “supposed” to do a Thankful Thursday list…but I already write a list of three things I’m grateful for every single day. And it seems to be a huge challenge to come up with another, fresh set of 10 every Thursday. I know, I should make the push to do so, because, as everyone tells me, “the attitude of gratitude” is life changing. Yeah well, I say that if I fucking hate doing it this damn much, it isn’t changing my life for the better.

Yeah, so migraine today. Wasn’t a bad one – I wasn’t overly sensitive to light or sound, and I wasn’t throwing up from the pain. It was a medium level one – it just didn’t go away. It’s been years since I’ve had one that has lingered on past the 6-hour mark. This one lasted until hour SIXTEEN. Holy hell – not fun. I did just about everything I could to make it go away, but in the end, it just took TIME.

Maybe when I graduate and I get a full time job with full time pay, I can afford to go see a doctor about my headaches. But NOW is not that time.

My insurance FINALLY passed their decision on if they were going to cover my surgery….thank god they decided that YES they would pay for it. I hadn’t even thought of the possibility that they could say no because it was an “elective” surgery. BUT, thankfully they are footing $36K of the bill, which leaves me to pay the remaining $4k. Which is WORLDS better than paying all $40k…but still takes a major chunk of my pay at this point. So yeah, I will not be seeing a specialist for my headaches anytime soon.

Brandy, my Canadian twin, mentioned magnesium supplements, so I’m going to try that out. She also recommended a combo of feverfew and ginger supplements as well. I’m not sure I can swing all of those right now, so I’ll start with the magnesium for now and add the others as each paycheck rolls around.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Like a Boss

written: July 11

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A Josey doughnut! Gods, my dog is so damn cute during my lunch break. Makes me really not want to go back to work.

Tommy completely and utterly bitched out today. He ended up wrapping his wrist in an ace bandage and showing it off to anyone and everyone who even glanced in his direction. We finished up the laptops this morning and then moved on to computer monitors. They aren’t heavy, but they are bulky. He was moving so slowly in getting the tags stuck to the monitors, that I stepped in and started helping out. This little BITCH BOY steps back and just watches me do his damn job. He says “Wow, you are so much faster than I am at this”. Like are you fucking kidding me? I turned around and snapped at him, “Well, you know what makes it go faster? If TWO people are working on it. So just because you suck at it, doesn’t mean you aren’t going to still do the work.” He opted to go to lunch at that point.

I was angry for a while, but found a different perspective. This is my time to shine. I don’t need any stinking males to help me out with my job. I can do this job on my own. I can unpack the pallets. I can open, scan, tag, and rebox these monitors. And I can move them to a new pallet. All on my own. Like a motherfucking BOSS.

Tower of Babel

written: July 10

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I know. Today’s supposed to be my selfie day, but Josey just looked too damn adorable, curled up in my recliner, during my lunch break today. Eh, I’ll get my monthly selfie done sooner or later. ::chuckles::

MAN, this morning was INSANE at work. I walk in, 15 minutes early, haven’t even opened my Frappuccino and I’m getting bombarded by a thousand questions at a mile a minute from about 20 Techs. I ain’t even clocked in YET and they are all up in my “territory”, all chattering at once. I set my stuff down, go clock in, and come back to attempt to sort out why the fuck they are here. ::laughs:: Turns out they’ve come for my laptops. East and Central Zone pick theirs up and leave within an hour.

But then West Zone shows up. Oh my lord. I have never experienced a more nasty, negative, RUDE group of people. Wendy, bless her heart, was trying to direct them, and man they challenged her every step of the way. I ended up retreating to the back with Roni and telling her about it. And then Sandy joined us and heard about it. And then Wendy came to the back to get Sandy to come back her up on this stuff.

Well apparently people LISTEN to me and take my words to heart, because when I came back from lunch, the West Zone Leader had apparently read his group the riot act on what IS and IS NOT acceptable behavior. He then came and personally apologized to me for how rude his group was. I thanked him but said they weren’t directly rude to me, but they were grossly disrespectful, in my opinion, to Wendy. He thanked me for letting him know and told me if his people even looked at me sideways, to please let him know immediately. ::chuckles::

After that, work was a BREEZE. ::chuckles:: Everyone was working hard. Well, except Tommy. His wrist hurts. And because he’s a creepy lil shit, every time he moved a box, after he set it down, he had to make eye contact with me, wince, and rub his wrist. We did about 400 laptops, and he did this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Man, I couldn’t wait for 4:30 to roll around so I could get the hell up out of there.


written: July 9

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Cute unicorn card from Laura W. (a pen pal). I really needed the cute pick-me-up for today. AND it reminds me that I have a handful of pen pal letters than I need to reply to soon! ::chuckles::

Tommy is getting extra creepy again at work. He practically stalks me during the school year because we both work on the same campus (him in Technology and me in the After School Program). It’s so bad that during the school year, my older students will warn me when he’s coming down the hallway so I can friggin’ HIDE from him. Seriously, if I didn’t have to work with him (and thus be professional) and need his help from time to time with our technology, I would verbally blast him out of the damn water. But then again, single-white-males tend to have a higher rate of violent outbursts and the last thing I need is him going psycho and attacking me. But I think I will make it a point to simply be extra blunt with him during the school year – that I do NOT have the time/energy to entertain him AND run my program. And given that the program is my JOB, he needs to seek entertainment elsewhere.

Man, I’m so ready to finish my final two semesters in my Master’s program, kick the shit out of the End of Term exams, graduate, and get the hell away from the school district. I’m not na├»ve enough to think that will end my encounters with creepy males, but at least I will not be dealing with THIS particular one.

Bones & Burgers

written: July 8

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New “skeleton” hide I picked up for Leviathan at Petsmart today. I suspect the main reason she stays in her rock hide is because she feels too exposed in the rest of the tank. So I picked this up for about $20 and will see if she starts to feel more comfortable in the rest of her tank. If nothing else, at least her tank doesn’t look so bare.

I checked Alfred’s nest today (the cottontail rabbit) and thankfully there are no babies in the nest. So David opted to fill it in with dirt in hopes that Alfred will choose a SAFER place to build a bunny nest instead of in the middle of Josey’s yard. Josey would have readily killed any bunny she could get her paws on. The hunting instinct is so strong on her. Only Delilah (a husky mix) I had back in high school had a stronger hunting instinct. Man, Delilah was gorgeous. I even had my senior photos taken with her. I should see if I could find those photos and digitize them.

We tried out a new burger place today – Burger Rim. Tasty, but TINY burgers. They are slightly bigger than a slider but smaller than a standard burger. But I enjoyed it and would love to go back. And given how I’m typically NOT a fan of burgers, that is high praises for them. David liked it, but was disappointed with the burger size. But he’s also said he’d like to go back as well. ::smiles::